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softDrive Payroll Software

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Payroll Dedicated Software

Develepped exclusively by professional accountants and financial experts for SME and larges business accounting.

Facilitates all business sizes. Includes presetting deductions for staff and company contributions. Unlimited transactions add payroll items, create payslip, staff and business units. A full payroll manager with reporting features, with unlimited transactions and multi access that adapts to any country regulations.
It is time you maximized the best features from your payroll software with no add on cost.

Features :
- Unlimited payroll
- Manage staff, budget, payroll, time sheets,…
- Manage payroll business budget
- Reporting & tax reports for each staff
- Create & manage business
- Unlimited transactions
- Easy to use
- Create multi business units
- Calendar & task agenda
- Emails payslips
- Jobbing payslips
- Payslips per business units
- Calculates payment
- Print reports
- Digital reporting
- Professional support
- Multi access
- Norm international

Contact us
8 rue de Dublin, 34200, Sète, France
SoftDrive by BFIN SASU – REG N°5352217731 – Montpellier, France