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  • Do you require an Accountant - Tax refund service Westminster , London, England
    We here at MBenn&co- Provide a full range of Accounting services Do you require help claiming a tax refund ? Average Tax Refund £950 start your claim today. ​ Our service - No refund, no fee...
  • Government gateway jobs – Complete Guide Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    Obtain complete guidance here how to register for government gateway jobs if you are looking for that you need to apply a new, modern, online job posting and automated matching assistance will be available from November to December 2018. Go through on
  • Environmental Taxes Reliefs Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    Plenty of Europe countries have introduced a kind of environmental taxes. A typical feature of their implementation is the composition of exemptions and tax relief, in particular for (some divisions of) manufacturing industry. While appropriate environmentally-intensive divisions may have some grounds for concern, despite these...
  • Who Can Claim for Uniform Tax Rebate? Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    In case you wear a uniform or protecting clothes at work and you have to clean it yourself you might be due to a tax refund from HMRC, and in case you don't claim it, you will have to lose it. According to our statistics,...
  • Car Insurance Settlement Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    Car insurance settlement is most important for an owner if you take car insurance then the sum of money paid by the insurance company either to the insured person. The time taken to concoct the payment or the insured sum depends on the nature of...
  • What are Oil Gas and Mining Tax? Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    What is oil gas and mining tax and Petroleum Revenue tax? Petroleum Revenue Tax (PTR) is a tax on the profits from oil and gas production in the United Kingdom. Read more this blog on DNS Accountants and get the complete solution.
  • Can I Claim Overseas Expenses on My Tax? Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    The explanation is simple, overseas travel charges are deductible to the extent they are acquired for the faith of providing assessable income. So, if the principal goal of your trip was for business or professional development, then 100% of the airfare is tax deductible. Read...
  • Capital Gains Tax CGT on Gold Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    What is the capital gains tax CGT on Gold? Who much you can pay Tax on gold, here everything you need to know on DNS Accountants blog which guides you in a simple and easy way?
  • How to Claim Orchestra tax? Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    How to Claim Orchestra Tax Relief OTR UK? When a company steps up to claim for orchestra tax relief then, it will not be ready to claim for other reliefs under the tax credit scheme? Here you need to understand about orchestra tax on DNS...
  • Income or Pension drawdown Calculator Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    How to use income or pension drawdown Calculator? Drawdown pension calculator and tax rules know more on DNS Accountants and get help through our team of Accountants.
  • How to Use Buy to let tax calculator? Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    Know the guidelines and laws buy to let tax changes, relief calculator? Buy to let tax is a tax you pay on the property if you have bought and rented it out for extra income. You can calculate the revenue for buy to let tax....
  • Small Business Accountants in Hounslow Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    In the United Kingdom, every business owner needs an accountant for managing their business and financial records, whether your business small or large in size select experienced accountants in Hounslow. Visit DNS Accountants and get a free consultation from our expert accountants. ...
  • What is Corporation Tax Calculator 2018/2019? Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    If you are operating a company then, you need to use this corporation tax calculator to discover out how much you have to pay for the year 2018/2019 and how much you paid for the prior years. Corporation tax calculator helps you apply easy and...
  • When you Pay eBay Sales Tax? Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    If a buyer buying an item from eBay, and the ship to address is one of the over states, eBay will add and calculate the relevant sales tax on checkout. The purchaser will pay both the cost of the article along with the sales tax....
  • Personal Tax Free Allowances for 2018/19 Harrow and Hillingdon , London, England
    What are the Personal Tax-Free Allowances for 2018/19? How much you can have to pay tax? Everything you need to know about personal tax allowances on DNS Accountants which provide valuable details.

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