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Better Threading Services in Haymarket, Manassas | Beauty Care Services

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Threading is a process in which unwanted facial hair is removed by using twisted cotton thread to pull the hair from the follicle. Cloud9 Esthetics provides Eyebrows, Upperlip & Chin Threading. Excellent Skin Care Treatment in Manassas. Threading has many more advantages compared to waxing because it uses absolutely no chemicals, gentle to skin, works with sensitive skin, help best shape and definition to the brow. Depending on your hair type and area of the face, full re-growth can be anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Threading Services in Haymarket. The esthetician utilizes two cotton threads, folds them over a line of unwanted hair, and eliminates them. Best Threading Services. No hot wax or brutal synthetics are utilized during the threading cycle, which makes it ideal for customers with delicate skin.

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