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Chrome dentures

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Flexible dentures are usually made of thin thermoplastics (e.g. nylon), as compared to the thicker and often more rigid acrylic used in Acrylic Dentures. Patients often find Flexible Dentures a more comfortable fit than other removable dentures, especially so if the patient is still relatively new to wearing dentures. It is ideal for patients who have lost several but not all of their teeth.
In addition, partial dentures are usually made with metal parts, which can often be visible. Most Flexible Dentures do not use metal parts or frame, but instead use a durable plastic that snaps securely and comfortably into place around the patients existing teeth. The denture therefore looks and feels a lot more natural. Valplast Flexible partial dentures are increasing gaining popularity with our patients as a result. Unlike traditional bulky and ridged dental materials, Valplast dentures are made from a much more flexible plastic, fits neatly into the patient’s mouth and is virtually invisible to the eye. No unsightly metal clasps are required to keep them in place.

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