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Ayurvedic Treatment in Dr Unnis Traditional Resort

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Dr.Unni’s Agastyaa Heritage Ayurvedic Hospital & Prittwi Resort in Kovalam is one of the best Ayurvedic Resort available in Kovalam. This Ayurvedic clinic offers best-in-class services by applying an eco-friendly approach to all activities. The Ayurvedic treatment in this resort is based on natural methods. Detoxification, massage, herbal medicine, diet, yoga and meditation are the main steps involved. The treatment is planned both for a healthy person who wish to rejuvenate the body and mind as well as person who are facing different difficulties like back pain,asthma,arthritis etc. Also you will find Panchakarma treatment packages. This resort provides accommodation which is a perfect blend of traditional kerala architecture with modern comforts. For more information regarding this Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala please visit drunnis dot com
Contact them online or via phone for more details Clinic: +91 471 6537117/ 118 | Resort: +91 471 2483325 and Mobile: +91 9567404028