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Female African grey parrot for adoption

Over a month ago - Manchester , North West, England
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She is funny loving and fun entertainer all round she loves dancing to music and is vocal she loves having a whistle along with any one laughs sneezes really enjoys to be out the cage wondering on the windowsill watching people go by tapping on the window she's most happy to be left out she's very well behaved out the cage loves sitting up on the Curtain pole and is quite clean when out loves all foods has to have everything we eat loves her fresh food I used to handle her all the time but don't so much any more but she will adapt to a new owner you just have to give a few weeks she thrives on being rubbed on the head and cuddled she often comes and sits behind my head when I'm on the sofa so my hair can rub her face she will give kisses she tries to do beat boxing with me calls all the names in the house and tells the dogs of and to sit and give paw etc. picks up new words fast in 5 days does my phone sound Adams family the good the bad the ugly them tunes we have had her since she was 15 weeks old and she still has much to learn she would be suitable around children and other pets. we have her wings clipped every year as when she can fly she's very good at it she follows me in to the kitchen as she's wanting to know what I've got she comes with her cage toys ect and a large bag of food that will last around 3 months. so will need suitable transport as she comes with her cage her cage and pet carrier as she can't be in the cage while being transported. pet homes only no breeders. Thanks and any interest about her is warmly welcomed.