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24v 32ah Lithium battery inc Charger for Sale

Over a month ago - Greater Manchester North East , North West, England Website -

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The 18-27 Hole (210A) Lithium Golf Buggy Battery is designed especially to fit within the battery bay of the Powerhouse Pro range of single seat Golf buggies but can also be used on all makes and models of single seat buggies using a 24V system. Simple modification to wiring may be required (Supplied).
It weighs in at 7.2kg and measures (W)125mm x (L)260mm x (H)220mm, As there is only one lithium battery required the weight saving when compared to two 80ah lead acid batteries is a massive 45kg or around 9 stone.

Check this link for more details and purchase for 24v 32ah Lithium battery from Powerhouse Golf
Kindly ask for price.