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Pre Owned - Titan S Elite Golf Buggy for Sale

Over a month ago - Greater Manchester North East , North West, England Website -

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The Powerhouse Titan-S Elite is the flagship golf buggy in the Titan Series engineered to deliver unrivalled power, performance and comfort of any single seated golf buggy. The Titan-S Elite uses the basic framework of the Powerhouse Titan-S but comes fully loaded with additional upgrades that make this a truly fantastic performing buggy with no limitations. The buggy comes with lithium power, meaning the Titan-S Elite requires just one 18-hole lithium battery creating a significant weight and space saving from typical lead acid batteries. The highly powerful lithium battery is further enhanced by the introduction of an S-Drive that increases the power output of the motor by a massive 39%! With this engineering you therefore have an extremely powerful buggy more than capable of tackling the heaviest longest golf courses.

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