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letterpress printed wedding invitations uk

Over a month ago - Bradford , Yorkshire and The Humber, England Website -

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Thirty five years prior two siblings had a fantasy to begin a printing administration. So utilizing their student prepared aptitudes and an administrative foundation! they set about this endeavor in the upper room!. Starting with a little hand bolstered Adana letterpress printing machine giving a support of neighborhood individuals and organizations. Before long the interest for bigger requests implied that the carport at the following home must be laid hold of and changed to oblige a super-quick Multilith press!! what's more, the endeavor had truly started (however the adoration for letterpress still remained). From that point the youngster organization broke out and propelled into a completely fledged printing organization with numerous presses and customers all around the UK with quality and administration at the core of things (however the affection for letterpress still remained)

That moment of clarity came when an open door introduced itself and off they went through Singapore Airways and Deutsche Bahn Railway to Munich and afterward to Augsburg (incredible places) and returned as proprietors of two lovely Heidelberg letterpress machines that had touched base from Switzerland to add to the others as of now being used. So now we can make and supply an incredible scope of letterpress items dependent on delightful plans.

What we do

Our point is to accommodate individuals who need that something else by offering quality letterpress planned items – "vintage printing with an advanced bend".

How we do it

We will probably plan and create delightful letterpress items utilizing quality reasonably sourced and eco-accommodating materials.