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Hayle 500 x 1000 Curved Chrome Towel Rail

Over a month ago - Redbridge and Waltham Forest , London, England Website -

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Our classy towel rail radiators are created using proper radiator valves and central heating system to match today’s interiors, augmenting that lavish charm and revamping your kitchen, bathroom, kitchen,  hallway or living room with the proper heating system. Whether you are looking for traditional style radiators or contemporary designer towel rads, we supply a large collection of high quality, latest designs to suit any budget, need and style! Our aim at My Bubble Bath is to help you ensure that your bathroom is as cozy and warm as possible with our exclusive range of heating products and solutions for the bathroom. From classic towel radiator designs toheated towel railsophisticated underfloor systems, we have lots of bathroom accessories needed to make stepping out of the shower or bath a pleasure, even in the middle of our British chilling winter.

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