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Save Money and the Environment with eneloop Batteries

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Panasonic is synonymous with high quality electronic products and their range of eneloop rechargeable batteries are no different.

eneloop batteries are all about promoting sustainability while delivering all of the power you need, exactly when you need it.

When you buy a pack of AA or AAA eneloop batteries, they come pre-charged using solar energy and can be used right away. How’s that for being ‘green’? And if that wasn’t enough, they will even keep up to 70% of this charge for up to 10 years. Pretty impressive, yes?

Rechargeable NiMH batteries can of course be quite expensive, and while the initial outlay for a pack of eneloop batteries is no different, the fact that you can recharge them up to 2100 times means that they really do pay for themselves many many times, over and over again.

The benefit of this isn’t just felt in your pocket. It also helps the environment. Just think about all of the single use batteries and rechargeable batteries that end up in landfill. With these batteries you can use them up to 2100 times before you have to dispose of them! You could literally save thousands of batteries from being buried just by buying a single pack of eneloop AA batteries.

But it’s not all just about being green and saving you money. eneloop batteries are also high performance and can outperform standard batteries in low drain devices such as remotes and high drain electronics like cameras and wireless applications.

As an official eneloop supplier, Battery Force gives you the full range at the lowest possible prices. So save yourself the time, money and using more electricity by heading over to us now to grab the best rechargeable batteries on the market.

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