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Do You Aspire to Lead a Cigarette Free Life from 2019?

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Every New Year is the same. Millions of people across the globe make a promise to give up tobacco and let go of one of the most harmful and expensive habits in society. There will be those who manage to succeed, but the vast majority will still be making the same resolution a year from now.

But quitting smoking has never been easier than it is now.

Vaping has taken the World by storm over the last few years and the increased competition between brands has seen prices of kits and liquids continue to drop. But there is still reason to be cautious when making purchases, as there are still lots of unregulated liquids and knock off devices still flooding the market.

If you’re just starting out, you want use reputable brands that you can trust.

Brands like Aspire.

What they don’t know about making vape devices simply isn’t worth knowing. Take their Nautilus AIO Vape Pod and the PockeX for example. High quality manufactured vape kits which are not only handsome, but compact, convenient and designed with the vaper in mind.

These kits start at just £22.99, but you don’t want to fill them with just any old cheap eliquid. You wouldn’t expect an athlete to compete by filling their body with pizza every meal, and these kits are no different.

By using a reputable e-liquid brand like KiK, your device and your body will thank you. These are high quality, UK made e-liquids conforming to all of the regulations set out by the European Union. And they’re some of the best value on the market too, starting at just £1.99 for 10ml.

With an initial outlay on an Aspire kit plus a months supply of liquids, you can get started for under £40. What does a month’s tobacco cost you?

Read our e-cig buyers guide for more information visit or call 0330 024 0121.