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Global Social Media Marketing Services

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James Kent Content is here to provide content writing and social media marketing services. We are open to working with clients worldwide, providing you want the work completed in English. The prices listed on our website are in USD, but you can pay in the currency of your choice by PayPal.

+ Clients We Work With

Typically, we work with small to medium-sized businesses in the sports/fitness sector. However, we are flexible and would like to hear from you even if you aren't in those sectors. It's also fair to say that some of our services are more general, and others are more geared towards the sectors mentioned.

+ Flexibility We Can Offer

If you work with some of the bigger marketing/social media agencies, then what they can offer is more restrictive. However, we are small and independent and like to offer as much flexibility as possible. For example, we can offer you a bespoke package that is ideally suited to your business, rather than a generic package. You will get personal service, and one person will manage everything for you from strategy to content creation to monthly reports. Pricing will be flexible with a monthly contract that can be ended at the end of each month if you choose.

+ Services

Unlike the more prominent agencies that claim to do everything, we only offer what we are good at. Therefore, you will find our service offering to be more focused, and that means better results for your business. Targeted Following on Twitter means we will follow for you to grow your account, but you continue to control all the actual content.

Social media packages are priced depending on how many sites you want to be on. Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook are the options here. Again, we focus on the social media sites we are good at to maximise the results for you. Facebook Advertising is an excellent way of building a page or getting more traffic to your website. We use advanced targeted techniques here for age, location and interests. Content writing for your blog is another option, which isn't offered as a package yet but can be combined with your social media package.


If any of this sounds of interest, then click through to our website to learn more about our services. After that, contact us to get the ball rolling.