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Foodland Food Club for everyone

Over a month ago - Bexley and Greenwich , London, England Website -

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There are different kinds of Foodland Club members, namely:
Food Adventurer
This person is always ready to try out new and different food types and recipes
This is someone who most times would prefer to stick to food he or she is used to, especially favourite dishes. Such people can make the same dish better and better
This kind of member would go for food that is traditional to their family community or nation Perfectionist
This one is usually a very good cook who makes sure things always come out well. They have great attention to detail and they are always improving
This person can rustle up some great dishes from any titbits or simple or odd ingredients. They are usually expert cooks generally speaking.
Social Eater
This one loves eating with people such as family, friends and others
Events Lover
This person loves large and small events that involve good food and eating out.
Other Kinds
Other kinds of members.
Whichever type of person you may be, join today by indicating your interest by email. You will be sent the latest newsletter.