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Fundraising Job Offer

Over a month ago - Tower Hamlets , London, England

Hello. I would like to offer you a full-time job position as a fundraiser. We are a UK based company that supports 4 different charities. Everyday there will be prebooked supermarkets, shopping centres, train stations, etc. for you to attend. Thereat, you will represent one of the aforementioned clients and raise money.

You are welcome to raise money in any way you like. Be creative. The more more money you raise the better as 40% - 50% of what you collect is your daily wage. Money gravitates towards great ideas. So...... BE A GREAT IDEA AND HAVE FUN. There is no need to be a common door post holding a bucket. Use your imagination. Fundraising is not only a job.... it's a lifestyle that you can improvise with.

The position requires you to be 18+ and must bring your photo I'D and a proof of address when your attend training which lasts 1 hour.

Please insure that you notify a member of staff the night before and only arrive to the office on the day you wish to start. Training is between 11am or 2pm. More information will be given when you arrive. Hope to hear from you soon.


50B Micro Business Park
Greatorex Street
London E1 5NP