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Are you a charming muslim lady & have been divorced 3 times. Lets marry and go on a travel tour.

Over a month ago - Birmingham , West Midlands, England
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Are you a charming muslim lady and have you been not treated nicely by your husband and divorced 3 times, well for sure I will conceal your pain and will marry you to keep you like a queen you deserve to be.

Sure you are looking for someone smart and understanding to help you in your life and relationship, someone who spoils you as his wife, someone smart and intelligent. I will sure understand your every need and desires so I may fulfill them thoroughly. We can marry and go on a tour somewhere amazing at an island or a resort..

I sure would have surprises for you too.. you will love it. I may not be here waiting for too long, so do contact me now... we will sure work it out.. I will also give you the right of talaq at the time of nikkah if so you may wish..

I do understand your needs and the need for companionship or..
no halala) however if you may feel going back to your former husband then sure i will not want to keep anyone against her wishes..

I will not take or want anything from you.
Do not hesitate to contact me to ask me anything you may want to know, Allah knows best..

Sincerely Yours