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whatsapp +447451217754.....Young Parrot - BlueGol

Over a month ago - Stoke-on-Trent , West Midlands, England
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We are looking for a new home for our gorgeous exotic bird. This is blue and gold macaw, male, 4 years old. He is very young for a macaw. The bird is absolutely healthy, full of energy, has a very healthy diet (organic pellets, organic fruits and veggies, seeds, grains and some nuts), has never been sick, visited veterinarian for regular check-ups. He has beautiful feathers, unclipped wings and can climb and fly very well.

He currently has a vocabulary of approx. 10 words ("I love you", "Hello", "Bye-bye", "How are you?", "Sorry", etc.) and will learn new words quickly with a patient loving owner.

We are looking for a serious, dedicated and experienced owner. Somebody who loves birds and has time to take care of them. This is a demanding and attention seeking pet. He cannot be left in the cage all day. He needs love and care all the time, communication with the owner, large play area with toys and space to climb. Please be aware of serious commitment of your time to take a good care of him. This pet is not a toy for kids. He can play with the kids sometimes under an adult supervision but, in general, he needs one mature owner, primer caregiver, who will be dedicated to him. Kevin is not an aggressive bird. He is very curious and anxious to play, readily mimics people's voices and wants to be a part of anything that happens in the family. Like a 3-year old... forever :-)