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UK made CBD supplements using certified, unmodified crystal

Over a month ago - Greater Manchester South West , North West, England Website -

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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD oil or Hemp oil, is a natural and legal plant-based supplement which is believed to offer a range of lifestyle and wellbeing benefits.

Here at Total CBD, we offer CBD supplements and products at an affordable price, so it needn’t cost you hundreds of pounds a month to live a potentially happier and more relaxed life.

From tongue drops to pet drops, bath bombs to vape juice - we have a CBD product for all types of users. The more research that is done when it comes to the use of CBD and hemp oil, the more we will expand our CBD product range. But one is for certain - we will always try to keep our prices lower than anywhere else.

All Total CBD products are made in the UK using certified and unmodified CBD crystals, so you can be sure of it’s quality and safety. Our CBD supplements are not medicines, and we advise seeking qualified medical advice. These products are not intended as food supplements.