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Get Your First E-Cig and Juice for Under £12

Over a month ago - Greater Manchester South West , North West, England Website -

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When it comes to vaping, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH information!

At Kik E-Cigarettes, we like to keep things simple. If you are looking to kick your expensive habit for good, then we’ve got you covered..

At just £9.99, our e-cigarette starter kit one of the best on the market. This vape pen is so simple to use and will give you the throat hit you need to keep you satisfied. So forget about all the variable wattage mods for now; with this e-cig you cannot do it wrong (as long as you follow the simple instructions!)

You’ll need some 70% PG e-liquid to go in your device and we’d advise to start around the 11mg to 18mg strengths. This ensures that you get the level of nicotine that you’re used to and won’t be tempted to reach for that 20-deck.

In terms of flavor, experience shows that those who start with menthol and tobacco are more likely to keep on vaping, so we recommend picking up a bottle or two of those first. Prices start at £1.99.

So what have you got to lose? The answer is a very expensive, smelly and unhealthy habit!