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Affordable Small Business SEO Service. We’re able to deliver lasting and consistent results.
You will come across the term Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. And then a lot of your friends will start trying to confuse you with techno babble about getting your business onto the front page of Google. But the ones you really need to be careful of are those who email you making promises to that effect.
Search Engine Optimization is the name given to the activity of making the content of any website readable for the bots that Google, Bing and Yahoo send out to crawl the internet for information. It is a form of website promotion. Small Business or Local Search Engine Optimization involves making Google and the rest recognize your website as the place to go for your business or product in your area.
As we said earlier, it's important to identify which keywords your potential clients are typing into Google and the other search engines and then you need to make sure that those words appear on your site in all the places where the spiders could read them - the meta data, the image alt tags and as headers in the posts and pages. When they have crawled your website and found those search terms, the spiders make a decision about how relevant those pages are to whatever has been typed in by the potential customer and position your website in the correct place on their results pages

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