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Hi all you guitar lovers,

I am a professional music instructor with experience teaching and performing across Dubai, California, Scotland and England for a combined period of well over 15 years.

I offer specialized guitar lessons to students at every level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced music student, I provide personalized one-on-one classes and customize each class on the basis of your level of advancement. The key advantages of my classes are customization and individualization!

I believe that learning music should be lively and FUN. So while I teach you the basics like music notes and scales, (which may seem to be boring at first) I make sure that you learn to love the guitar by teaching you songs of your choice instead of silly nursery rhymes or boring old songs from an outdated book. I personally know of quite a few people who joined music classes, attended a few months, and eventually got bored of their instruments because they were not taught what they really wanted to learn. These students were forced to learn what was presented in a generic music book, causing them to lose their passion and abandon their musical instruments. To be a successful student I strongly believe that your passion for music should never die. You can be assured of this only if you have a good teacher who teaches you what you NEED to learn and what you WANT to learn at the same time.

Learning music is not limited to simply reading notations, it’s about your listening skills too. In everyday life, people may ask you to play a certain song that you might have never attempted before. At the most, they may play a recording of the song for you to listen to, but they certainly won’t hand you the musical notations for you to play. That's why it’s important for you to develop your listening skills and become confident in picking up songs just by listening to it! This is an important stepping stone towards progressing into an advanced musician.

As mentioned earlier, I offer classes as per your level of advancement, so don't worry about being ashamed in front of anyone because there simply won’t be any other students around since every class is a personalized one-on-one class for fast and effective learning, with 100% individual attention.

I have had students who previously had no idea how to even hold a guitar, however, I am proud to say that within a span of about 10-12 months they have formed their own bands and created their very own music from scratch!

Here’s your chance to learn music in a method that is proven highly effective, FUN and EASY. So, pick up your guitar today and come enjoy the best music learning experience at your doorstep!

Classes are conducted across Coventry, Birmingham, Bedworth, Warwick, Nuneaton and neighboring cities. Fees vary based on location.

Contact me on: 07533 770773

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Have a great day and keep the passion burning!