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Selling NEO, REP, LSK Alt-Coins - Accepting Cash, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin (BTC)

Over a month ago - Haringey and Islington , London, England Website -

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Selling Crypto-Currency, Alt-Coins - NEO (NEO), Augur (REP), Lisk (LSK) - Accepting Cash (GBP, USD, CAD, EUR), Bank Transfer (USD) and Bitcoin (BTC)

Hello fellow crypto enthusiasts!

I am a crypto-currency miner and investor with over 4 years of experience in crypto trading and blockchain technologies.

Currently, I am looking to sell some of my alt-coins (NEO, REP and LSK). I am in possession of a relatively large volumes (over 75 000 USD combined worth) and looking for small, medium and large scale buyers. I will be glad to trade with novice and professionals alike.

I would exchange only at the current official rate for the given currencies (or average for the day depending on the method of payment) (Do not trust traders who offer to trade at up to 30-50% lower than the official exchange rate, those are most likely scammers!).

The current official exchange rate for the alt-coins I am trading as well as charts can be found at:



As methods of payment I accept:

CASH (GBP, USD, CAD, EUR) - A meeting at a public location in the area of Central London from Friday to Monday 10 AM to 4 PM. Only for trades of 750£ or more or equivalent of accepted currencies. All the effort is not worth it for me for less, sorry.

BANK TRANSFER (USD) - Bank Transfer to a US Bank account. All bank charges to be covered by the buyer. For trades of 1500£ or more.

BITCOIN (BTC) - Direct or Escrow bitcoin transfer. Mining fees and Escrow charges to be paid by the buyer. For trades of 75£ or more.

I no longer accept PayPal due to people trying to pay with stolen credentials and my funds getting blocked. Be responsible with crypto-currency and if you are looking for a PayPal transfer look elsewhere, sorry.


I am a serious seller and I expect serious buyers. The rules are as follows:

Please do not contact me if you are under the age of 18.

Please do not contact me for general crypto-currency questions that can be answered with a simple google search.

Please do not contact me for offers of partnerships, exchanges for currency not mentioned in the listing or anything unrelated to the listing.

Please do respect me and have in mind that I have a life and a family and do 30 trades a day on average and I cannot respond to everyone instantly. Have in mind different time zones, I trade with people all around the world and cannot be on my computer 24/7. However, I will try to respond to everyone within 24 hours.

If you are interested please contact:

Malcolm Alan

Happy Crypto-Trading!