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Casino Poker Table

Over a month ago - Lewisham and Southwark , London, England Website -

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Playing poker is not for everyone, however, everyone who plays poker at home can take the games to the next level with our poker table! The first good thing about our table is that it is designed for ten poker players, who will have enough space for their chips, cards and drinks. It is available on a very very tempting price and the delivery is fast. You can become the best host of poker nights with this easy to assemble table and have your friends envy you! Cup holders, high-quality-artificial-leather armrests, casino-grade felt padded surface, easily removable chips tray and semicircular legs are the benefits of our table. Separately they are not that special, but put together in this poker table, they make the perfect combination of style and comfort! Choose our less expensive equivalent of a casino poker table and set the perfect atmosphere for a fun poker night!