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Bringing Local News Section, Today In, to More US Cities
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Earlier this year we started testing a dedicated section on Facebook that connects people to news and information about their community, called Today In. We have seen a positive response from people and are expanding this test into 25 more US cities over the next few weeks.

You can also easily see highlights of the most popular updates from Today In by opting-in to receive daily updates in News Feed. If you want to receive these updates regularly, visit the Today In section to turn on these updates or tap the “Turn on” button if you see a notice about daily updates in your News Feed. You also have the option to turn off these updates by visiting the Today In section, tapping the three dots next to the city name and sliding the blue toggle to turn off daily updates.
• Weather: Find the current weather listed for your city. Tap the weather feature to see your local weather forecast.
• Latest Updates: See what’s happening with updates from organisations relevant to your community and see information like volunteer opportunities, local crime and safety, and other community information. You’ll see recent posts from Pages in your area that you can easily react to, comment on and share with your neighbours and friends.
• In The News: Stay informed on what’s happening in your city with recent news stories from your local publishers who have Pages on Facebook. You’ll find a list of up to 10 headlines from your city and can tap on any headline to read the article.
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