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Global Investment Network here to provide funding service in UK.

Over a month ago - Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham , London, England
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Being an entrepreneur and trying to fundraise for the startup idea can be troublesome. If it is through crowdfunding then its seems much harder to get along. SeedTribe helps you connect with Angel investors or everyday investors. It is as easy as piece of cake to join SeedTribe,(if you are joining in order to fundraise please select “Everyday investor” in the sign up process.)

When you have signed up just click “Add a Pitch” and fill in the form on our easy-to-follow template(this should take about half an hour). When you are done click “Submit” now your pitch is ready to be reviewed by our team. Once its reviewed and perfected, your pitch is ready go live for our members to view, evaluate and invest.

You have 60 days to raise the funds, if you successfully raise or exceed your target, funds will be transferred to your registered account. Do not forget to share it with as many people as possible as it increase your exposure and chances of getting funded.

When an investor is willing to invest on your idea we will notify you and prepare the relevant paperwork. As it is signed, the investor will transfer the funds for you to start using straightaway.

When you have completed your fund raise you will be able to send updates to all your investors who can track their respective company’s progress through their SeedTribe portfolio.(We will send the full investors list with their contact details).You will even be featured on our page of successful companies.

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