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GDB Entertainment Services

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GDB Services provide music and entertainment with a blend of more than one Genre to suit any taste and occasion. As part of an all-inclusive package our mobile bar can be added to really get the right vibe. We provide a live events games package to include "Higher or Lower", "Blocked Busters", "Mr & Mrs", "Take Away", "Take your Pick", "Our Tune" and others to ensure a fun and entertaining event as you would want it to be.

GDB Services deliver Entertainment for Weddings, Corporate, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Jazz & Blues Night, Cocktail Evenings, 50's Rock & Roll, Christian Events, Old Time get together, 70's Disco. If you're planning an event, we will work with you to create a great experience. We will explain all you need to know from the moment you make an enquiry up to the day of your event

For a quality service we promote the highest level of professionalism and when this is combined with your own recommendations, it ensures your event will be personalised to meet all expectations. For more information and contact details visit our website