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Clearance King is a 60 years old pound line supplier that offers a range of quality hardware and tools & accessories under its DIY category. The product types under this section include:
• Decorative items
• Adhesives, glues and tapes
• Home security
• Torches
• Fixtures and fittings
• Car accessories
• Padlocks
• Bike Accessories
• Paint brushes and rollers
• Lanterns and ultra-bright LED lights
Presently, there are more than 160 variants under this category. A lot of online stores, retailers and pound shop owners trust us for these products, as everything is available at cheapest possible rates.
The company has hired proficient employees with the aim to offer the finest support to the customers.
For browsing all the available options or for making an order, visit this link:
Our showroom’s address:
44 Higher Ardwick
M12 6DA
Telephone: 0161 871 0786