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Electric Wheelchair InvaCare TDX SP in Good Cond only £595

Over a month ago - Hounslow and Richmond upon Thames , London, England
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Electric Wheelchair InvaCare TDX SP in Good Cond only £595
<< NEW cost over £2500 >>
Heavy Duty Electric Chair – needs a few people to lift it.
Height, Tilt and Back Support Electric Adjustments.
Free Wheel Mode
Speed Control
Front and Rear Lights, Indicators, Hazzards.
Rear Suspension
Seat Belt
Heavy Duty Charger
Good condition all round works well.
Seat back comes off to reduce height for transport..
Few scuffs and marks.
Only issues: Seat Belt not locking and 5th Speed slight intermittent cut off.
Only £595
Can deliver at a cost
Call 07915 651 550
Based in Tw14 Bedfont area.