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  • Barber Scissors, Hair Dressing Scissors, Thinning Scissors, Hair Cutting Scissors Hackney and Newham , London, England
    Hairdressing scissors and barber scissors from the finest UK brands. Full range of professional barbers scissors at Candure.
  • Extracting Forceps Hackney and Newham , London, England
    Candure extracting forceps in distinct material, our best quality dental extracting forceps surgical instrument are for all kind of tooth surgeries & treatments.
  • Dog Nail Clipper, Nail Clipper, Toenail Clippers Hackney and Newham , London, England
    Nail clipper is a hand device used to trim finger nails. Nail clipper is produced using top notch stainless steel. These nail clipper are an ideal answer for cut-out Dog nails. All you truly need to cut your Dog nails with a straightforward match of...
  • Shaving Razor, Men Razor Hackney and Newham , London, England
    A razor is a bladed tool primarily used in the removal of unwanted body hair through the act of shaving. Buy Shaving Razors products online from Candure.
  • Teeth Whitening Kit Hackney and Newham , London, England
    You want to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile then there is a variety of teeth whitening kits & supplies on the Candure that you can use to achieve your goal. Teeth whitening are becoming more economical and accessible.
  • Tooth Filing Hackney and Newham , London, England
    A chipped tooth can be irritating. Tooth filing is a good option. Every time you rub your tongue against the rough surface or look in the mirror at a jagged tooth, you may be wishing you could take care of it yourself without going to...
  • Dental Floss Hackney and Newham , London, England
    Flossing your teeth is an important part for your health, and at Candure you get a best quality Dental Floss material to keep your teeth clean.